• Solar probabilities and Latest flare widgets
    Two new sidebar widgets have been developed and added – the (flare) Probability and the Latest flare one. The Latest flare widget shows the date of the last detected X-ray flare by the GOES satellite along with the begin, maximum and end times. It also shows the class of the flare at these three moments […]
  • New processing for SOHO’s LASCO and EIT
    New image processing has been implemented for LASCO C2 and C3 coronagraph data. The default processed images from NASA with applied center rotation are now accessible from the respective [ALT] links. The new processing includes stronger star field filtering combined with a modified approach for subtracting the background for C2 from a daily regenerated mean […]
  • Server update – dropping support for TLS 1.0
    Today, a few configurations updates were performed on the server in order to keep it secured and up to date. One of the changes was dropping support for TLS 1.0 – a cryptographic protocol, now considered outdated and adding support for TLSv1.3 which provides security and performance improvements. As a result, a few very old […]
  • STEREO Behind recovery status update (October 11)
    There have been six attempts to contact the STEREO Behind spacecraft using 70 meter stations between September 27 and October 9 without success. The last telemetry received from Behind was on September 18, and the last time the carrier wave was detected was on September 23. Recovery attempts for STEREO Behind have moved back to […]