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You can now access all the information you need from your mobile phone with a single touch.
Simply bookmark in your mobile web browser and you are ready! mobilepage - images previewThe mobile-friendly version of includes all critical information in real-time. You can monitor the SFI, Ap and Kp indices as well as one of the major indicators of a recent solar flare – the X-ray flux level. Also included are the detailed real-time statistics from the ACE spacecraft measuring different aspects of the solar wind and the interplanetary magnetic field – an important indicators if a geomagnetic storm is to be expected.

You can also track the flare count – both X-ray and optical sorted by magnitude. At the bottom of the page you can read a short summary and forecast describing the current space weather conditions.

In addition to the short summary and forecast, a solar and a geophysical activity forecasts for the next three days are included. You can also access a detailed space weather overview and images from the SDO, SOHO and STEREO spacecraft. Data plots from GOES, ACE as well as other data from SWPC and an aurora forecast generated from the OVATION-Prime model are also available.

If you are experiencing difficulties with the mobile page such as broken layout or content not showing, please let us know.