If you are not familiar with the information on this website, this video will help you with the basics.

This website contains dynamic information about the solar and geomagnetic environment. The data is gathered and compiled from various spacecraft and aims at providing a comprehensive real-time view on the current space weather conditions.

All of the satellite graphical plots and text data are constantly updated in short time intervals, depending on the update speed of the different spacecraft and observatories thus providing a near-realtime data flow.

The current indices chart in the top right area of the page is updated at a maximum interval of 5 minutes and shows the last measurement data received from the GOES and ACE spacecraft as well as other available pre-compiled data. By hovering the [i] icon, you will get a short summary of the geomagnetic activity for the last 24 hours as well as a short forecast for the next 24 hours. You can click the icon for a detailed overview of the current space weather conditions.

You can also access the realtime statistics from your mobile phone. For more details, check our mobile page.

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