SAM soft X-ray (failed) ANNOUNCE from LASP: We’re sad to report that EVE MEGS-A / SAM data stream has ended on Monday May 26, 2014 due to a power anomaly for MEGS-A CCD electronics. With the SAM images being from MEGS-A CCD, both SAM solar X-ray images and MEGS-A spectra (6-37 nm) are not available now.

Flare map generated from imagery from AIA/SXI (SDO/GOES) NOTE: this processed image acted as a replacement for the SAM X-ray data which is unavailable due to a technical failure. As the new GOES satellites no longer have an X-Ray imager (SXI), this image will not be updated.

The Solar Aspect Monitor (SAM) is a pinhole camera that is sensitive to X-rays. This channel is a lower resolution image of the Sun in the wavelength range from 0.1-7nm. Because this is a large wavelength range, there are many different emissions from ions as well as continuum emissions within this band. This image clearly shows where active regions and flares occur. In the second image the large white square is the peak location, and the diamond is the centroid.
Latest image from SDO EVE/SAM soft X-ray pinhole camera SAM 5-minute irradiance peak and centroid data
You can also watch the last 27 days and the last 24 hours as a video.

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