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SFI: 74 | Ap index:  24  | Kp index:  4  ( n\a @--:--,  n\a @--:--)| X-ray flux:  n\a 
SW: Density= 2.4 p/cm3 | Speed= 584.2 km/s | Temp=227(x1000)K
IMF: Bx=-6.6nT | By=-1.6nT | Bz= 1.8 nT | Bt= 7.1 nT | Lat= 14.5 ° | Lon=193.7°
Sunspots: 0 | Area: 0 10-6/Hemi | New regions: 0
[i]X-ray flares: C=0 M=0 X=0 | Optical flares: M1=0 M2=0 M3=0 | Sub-flares=0
Mission operations has announced that they are suspending STEREO Behind recovery attempts until the telemetry situation improves, sometime next year. The spacecraft is now spinning at a rate of approximately once every 52 seconds, which allows only short commands to be uplinked, and does not support telemetry downlink. Communication with the spacecraft degraded over the weekend. Once a month communication attempts will resume, starting with the phased array attempt this weekend, Sep 16-17. Each month will switch between single station and phased array attempts until recovery operations resume.

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