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SFI: 80 | Ap index:  4  | Kp index:  0  ( n\a @--:--,  n\a @--:--)| X-ray flux:  n\a 
SW: Density= 1.5 p/cm3 | Speed= 340.5 km/s | Temp=35(x1000)K
IMF: Bx=-2.1nT | By=2.9nT | Bz= 1.6 nT | Bt= 3.9 nT | Lat= 24.1 ° | Lon=126.6°
Sunspots: 12 | Area: 130 10-6/Hemi | New regions: 0
[i]X-ray flares: C=0 M=0 X=0 | Optical flares: M1=0 M2=0 M3=0 | Sub-flares=0
Today, while the spacecraft was configured for switching to the +Z LGA and powering on the TWTA before the track this morning, no signal was received today after repeatedly attempting to power on the TWTA. As the spacecraft rotation will settle out about its principal axis of inertia which should continue to provide limited solar array input and communications, battery state of charge recovery has commenced today. As it appears that the momentum dump in EA mode was not as effective as we had hoped for during the STEREO BEHIND recovery into C&DH standby mode late Wednesday, it is suspected that battery voltage collapsed on Thursday due to sustained high wheel speeds.

BEHIND observatory status: low main bus voltage, 2 (#6 & 9) out of 11 battery cells are currently not functioning, attitude uncontrolled. Current orientation supports some solar array input, with possible communications on an LGA.

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