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SFI: 80 | Ap index:  5  | Kp index:  1  ( n\a @--:--,  n\a @--:--)| X-ray flux:  n\a 
SW: Density= 1.6 p/cm3 | Speed= 339.2 km/s | Temp=53(x1000)K
IMF: Bx=-3.1nT | By=1.0nT | Bz= 2.1 nT | Bt= 3.9 nT | Lat= 32.0 ° | Lon=161.7°
Sunspots: 12 | Area: 130 10-6/Hemi | New regions: 0
[i]X-ray flares: C=0 M=0 X=0 | Optical flares: M1=0 M2=0 M3=0 | Sub-flares=0
Over the Labor Day weekend, the mission operations team continued to work on recovering the Behind spacecraft. The primary emphasis has been on warming up the propulsion tanks and fuel lines, and on uploading macros in preparation for an upcoming maneuver to despin the spacecraft and get the solar panels fully pointed at the Sun again. The power system is stable, and the battery continues to charge up. Yesterday (September 5) an unexpected feature in the flight software autonomy rules brought the reaction wheels online for 1.3 hours, perturbing the spacecraft attitude. The wheels have been turned off, and indications are that the perturbations are damping down again.

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