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SFI: 67= | Ap index:  4  | Kp index:  1  ( n\a @--:--,  n\a @--:--)| X-ray flux:  A6.6 
SW: Density= 1.5 p/cm3 | Speed= n\a km/s | Temp= n\a (x1000)K
IMF: Bx=-1.8nT | By=-2.5nT | Bz= -0.4 nT | Bt= 3.1 nT | Lat= -8.2 ° | Lon=234.2°
Sunspots: 0 | Area: 0 10-6/Hemi | New regions: 0
[i]X-ray flares: C=0 M=0 X=0 | Optical flares: M1=0 M2=0 M3=0 | Sub-flares=0
The shock front from the coronal mass ejection generated by the sunspot region 1777's M2.9 flare has just passed the ACE spacecraft. The wave will hit Earth's magnetosphere in approximately 60 to 80 minutes, according to the last solar wind speed measurements.

The effects from the M2.9 coronal mass ejection are expected to last less than 48 hours, starting between 19:00 and 22:00 UTC on June 22nd. The expected geomagnetic storm level is G1 (minor). The expected Kp index during the disturbance is in the range of 4 to 5.

Last night sunspot region 1777 generated a M2.9 flare and a bright coronnal mass ejection. A glancing blow impact is expected on June 22nd. Check CCMC/ENLIL CME models for more details.

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