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SFI: 106 | Ap index:  6  | Kp index:  1  ( 1 +57m,  1 +237m) | X-ray flux:  B3.5 
SW: Density= 4.1 p/cm3 | Speed= 456.1 km/s | Temp=66(x1000)K
IMF: Bx=2.3nT | By=3.7nT | Bz= 1.0 nT | Bt= 4.4 nT | Lat= 12.5 ° | Lon=58.0°
Sunspots: 62 | Area: 181 10-6/Hemi | New regions: 2
[i]X-ray flares: C=0 M=0 X=0 | Optical flares: M1=0 M2=0 M3=0 | Sub-flares=1
Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) is now visible in the ENLIL spiral models. It is represented by a pink rectangle near Mars (as of 27 Sep). You can track its position with the newly released models.

C/2012 S1 (ISON) will come to perihelion (closest approach to the Sun) on 28 November 2013 at a distance of 0.012 AU (1,800,000 km; 1,100,000 mi) from the center point of the Sun. Its trajectory is nearly parabolic, which suggests that it may be a dynamically new comet coming freshly from the Oort cloud. On its closest approach, C/2012 S1 will pass about 0.0724 AU (10,830,000 km; 6,730,000 mi) from Mars on 1 October 2013, and it will pass about 0.429 AU (64,200,000 km; 39,900,000 mi) from Earth on 26 December 2013. Earth will pass near the orbit of ISON on 14–15 January 2014, well after the comet has passed, when micron-sized dust particles blown by the Sun's radiation may cause a meteor shower, or noctilucent clouds.


Predicted hour-by-hour position of Comet ISON in the COR2-A/B (blue) and COR1-A/B (green) fields-of-view between 06:00UTC on November 26, and 00:00UTC on November 30:

Day-by-day position in the HI2-A field-of-view:
Oct 10 on the left, to Nov 23 on the right:
EUVI-B in 10min intervals
17:50UTC to 20:00UTC on Nov 28, 2013:

Predicted day-by-day position in the HI1-A/B field-of-view
(HI1-A: Nov 21-28 from left to right; HI1-B: Oct 24-Nov 25 from right to left, assuming a roll of 180°)


The LASCO C2 and C3 coronagraphs on the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) satellite will also have a view of the comet as it passes through their fields-of-view, as shown below.

Predicted hour-by-hour position of Comet ISON in the LASCO C3 (blue) and C2 (red) fields-of-view on SOHO, November 27-30, 2013.

From SOHO's viewpoint the comet enters from the lower right early on November 27 and exits towards the top near the end of November 30.

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